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It depends on what you are deficient in. Just search the forum what other people are using.
This is something what you have to build up while you are researching (here or elsewhere).
Everything that is listed here is optional (except for the molybdenum).

What is recommended (vitamins/minerals):
Vitamin A: At least 5000 IU. Retinol Vitamin A is an animal product which can be overdosed! If you take it as beta-carotene, you may take much more (typical servings of beta-carotene are 25000 IU). -> You need Vitamin A for the absorption of Vitamin D.
Vitamin B12: At least 1000 mg/day. There is no upper limit. -> Studies show that candida can be cured with Vitamin B12. A lack of Vitamin B12 leads to hypothyroidism (being thirsty at night, cold sweat at night/waking up, headaches, cold hand/feet).
Vitamin C: ~5g/day -> Very important during your treatment. Do a search and you will find out why.
Vitamin D3: As much as possible. Anything higher than 30000 IU is considered toxic. The safety limit is 10000 IU. -> Studies have found out that a Vitamin D3 shortage can lead to candida overgrowth. This is possible, because I have/had a quite serious D3 shortage.
Vitamin E: ~400 IU. -> Candida albicans overgrowth can lead to a shortage of Vitamin E.
Take Vitamin A, D and E with fatty meals.

Molybdenum: ~750mg/day -> Liver support.
Milk thistle: ~500mg/day, with at least 70% silymarin -> Also liver support.
Magnesium-Calcium-Zinc or Magnesium-Zinc: Do whatever the box says. -> Our Western diet is over-calcified, so you probably won’t need calcium. The most important sign of magnesium deficiency are muscle cramps.
Iodine: No real directions here. Just use salt that has iodine in it. -> Also support for the thyroid.

Enzymes: The best enzymes are your saliva. Chew your food! You can always try Swedish Bitters.

What a lot of people use is biotin. This is a test supplement for me, because so far I haven’t seen any study showing positive results regarding candida.
There are also supplements for improving the mood/sleep, but I haven’t tried any of them so far.

For the Himalayan Salt, just use it instead of regular salt. Use it generously.