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Oh my god I thought I was gonna vomit yesterdaymorning taking 12 drops with a glass of water on an empty stomach. This stuff is seriously pungent on high doses. Well, I didnt vomit and didnt get nauseous, so yay, my body can take it. And boy did it feel good cleaning my system before that heavy breakfast of apple-oatmealporrage.
Anyway, on to things relevant.

The last four days I have been eating apples, a banana, oatmeal, organic milk, and unsweetened soymilk.

Milk was de first to be tested and I got a sugar rush straight off. I had oatmeal porrage with milk which was worse than with soymilk. Fruit was easily digested aside from some hickups after the banana (which was so sweet I thought there were chemicals in it).

Symptoms while on this diet:
– Full recurrence of thrush on unwanted places (which i havent seen in weeks)
– rectal itching (which was also gone for weeks)
– Bloating and indigestion
– Sore legs and generally low strength and muscle fatigue
– Dry, irritated eyes
– Typical candida fatigue, not die off fatigue

I kept this up for 4 days eating oatmeal with fruit every day, hoping my body would adjust. It didnt. Perhaps it would need more time but I doubt it. This whole thing probably set my progress back, but I wouldnt dare say how much.

So failed experiment? Nah, I tried, and now I know. I learn, and maybe in the future I can tell people not to do the same as me.
So on to a new protocol it is. And there is reason to be optimistic, cause I havent gone to the maximum reach of MMS yet. And for the new protocol the following is important.

Very important realisation here.
I catched a cold last week and noticed a flu trying to enter. This concerned me as I never catch a cold or get sick, seriously, I havent had problems like that in years. The MMS prevented an actual flu, as it is physically impossible to get sick while on this stuff, but these cold symptoms made me aware that my otherwise strong immunesystem was failing. This, I realized, is because my protocol didnt allow for my body to rest at all. I was taking 6 drops every 3 hours, then went to 4 drops every 2 hours for a few days. Anti-oxidant deficiency was lurking around the corner, as I did not take any serious supplements and barely any vit C. MMS is a powerful oxidizer, and it should be countered with anti-oxidants, but not at the same time as it will interfere with the pathogen killing. So I changed my protocol to suit my needs. Less frequency, higher doses. With inbetween time for leaky gut supplements and vitamins, of which some are antioxidants.

New diet outline: brown rice, fish, eggs and vegetables (also tomatoes and carrots) as staple foods. Coconut bread and heck, an occasional salad to boot.
– Completely off the meat. More fish instead.

Full supplements list since yesterday:
– L glutamine
– Iron
– Magnesium
– Vitamin C, A, D
– Biotin
– Cats claw
– Bee pollen
– Ashwagandha (though I might want to get rid of it as it contains maltodextrin)

New protocol with supplements.
Morning: Probiotic on empty stomach followed right after with a dose of MMS, 10 to max 15 (yikes!)drops. The probiotics should not be bothered by the MMS. Anti-oxidant free breakfast 1 hour later.

Afternoon: Lunch = biggest meal of the day occompanied by all the supplements. Dose of MMS 2 to 3 hours later.

Evening: Supplements with dinner. Last dose of MMS late in the evening, not eating anything after that. Probiotic before bed.

For the next couple of days I’m now going to push the maximum range of the MMS, and stick to the diet more strictly.