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Ok, thanks, for the quick reply guys!

The reaction I got today was a little foggy, dizzy and cold hands. I’ve been taking a lot of Probiotics lately, so I don’t know if the Outmeal fed the probiotics or the candida. So what I am suffering is die-off, but I don’t know. I haven’t eaten grains in a looong time. Because I originally thought I had cealiacs disease. I have only taken a blood test, which was negative. So I might still have it. I have to also meantion that I drank a glass of Apple cider vinegar(diluted) yesterday, for the first time, so maybe that should also be taken into consideration.

Anyway, should I try outbran instead in a couple of days, and see how I feel!?

I have been woking vegetables lately and eaten, and eaten some other raw ones, too. I’ve done this mainly because it’s hard to find organic meats and eggs. I’ve tried to eat the chicken they sell in the store (raw, no other ingredients), but it’s not organic, and I feel extremely sleepy afterwards. So I wonder if there are any recipes for some food I could make at this stage. I can’t eat vegetables only, every day.

Here are the problems I still have:
– Tight throat
– Sore throat
– White thick sometimes yellow mucus coming up from my throat (I have Pneumonia twice since 08, think it was worth a mention)
– Hemorrhoids/some times itch
– Burn while ejaculation, the tip of penis (this comes and goes)
– No orgasms, while ejaculating.
– Low sexual drive
– Tired, sleepy.

I understand that Able also had low sexdrive, by reading through some old posts.
Lastly I drink commercial Kefir, and wonder if you have milk intolerance/allergy would you avoid this product!? I don’t have it as I know, but I might, so must take everything into consideration.

That was a long rant, hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks again.