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the “detox” drink is chia and bentonite clay, the “liver flush” drink on the website is ginger, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and water. i think the version able900 posted in his “safe & simple cleanse” thread doesn’t include the garlic. maybe just strongly-brewed ginger tea?

there are some good threads around the forum about foods that are/are not allowed, with a lot of the questions being answered by the “expert” members of the forum. i use the search feature to look for key words in threads, to see if someone has already posted my question before. sometimes no, but i’ve found it helpful for things that aren’t mentioned on able900’s “strict diet” list (which you need to pm or email him about to receive).

alex: i haven’t tried making the coconut bread yet. i was thinking a combination of flax eggs and chia seeds might do it, or maybe i can just make coconut flour pancake-type flat bread. i’ve been gluten-free for over two years, so my bread standards are pretty low :p vegan gluten-free bread is usually disappointing at best. alternately, maybe by the time i’m trying to make coconut bread, my pet chicken will have started laying eggs again. (full disclosure: i’m not quite vegan, since i eat her eggs, but we love each other, so i guess it’s fine. she’s taking the winter off, though.)