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I’ve had a standing prescription for topiramate since last September. It’s a preventative med.

Some natural remedies are:

larger doses of B2
lots of magnesium

I’ve used more than this but I can’t quite remember right now what they were. When I do I’ll try to post them. I’ve used these ones though to varying success. They’re preventative. They won’t stop a migraine in process but they might stop one in the future from happening if you take it regularly or they might lessen the severity.

The topiramate does really help though. I don’t normally encourage prescription drug use but migraines, as you know, can be totally debilitating. They raise the threshold at which your brain nerves process pain signals. This prescription saved my life. My migraines were so bad 8 months ago that I couldn’t even take a shower because the sound of the water had me on my knees. There are side-effects though with topiramate. It dumbs you down somewhat and it makes you pretty dopey for the first few weeks.

I’ve also found that with the candida thing my migraines have a lot to do with my bowels. It’s imperative for me to keep my bowels moving. I think with die-off toxicity and the constipation that goes along with this that this triggers a lot of migraines for me. Maybe this could be the same for you, I don’t know.

Honestly though, I think it’s a perceptual thing. It’s just a matter of knowing that it won’t be this bad forever and that you’re doing all this to get better. Meditation helps me a lot with this.