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My candida has given me really awful migraines as well and since I’ve started using rutabagas I’ve also been getting them really bad as part of my die-off. My light sensitivity gets so bad I can’t even open my eyes when I’m outside or even look at a computer screen (I should mention that candida has also given me a condition called Visual Snow, which makes everything I see look like static–exactly like a bad television channel). Anyway, just letting you know you have my empathy with the migraines. Especially with the die-off, they can be all day/every day.

Just know that you’re doing this to get better and it will go away. I personally feel that because of how bad my migraines can be there’s no way I want to prolong this process by cheating so I’m super strict with the diet (not that I haven’t made mistakes). I want these neurological problems to go away more than anything. So for me, food cravings pale in comparison to that desire–but I might be a bit different. I guess you just have to weigh what you want more, knowing that a cheat will set you back (and that it will set each of us back in different ways).