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Well I upped the adb12 to 2000 mcg a day as of yesterday, nothing major in terms of reaction. I might just keep at the 2000 mcg dose for a week or two than lower the dose and add in hydroxy b12.

I’ve also noticed something interesting. I’ve had splinter hemorrhages on my nails for a few months now that come and go. Sometimes I get really winded, and get chest pain and feel like I can’t pump enough blood or oxygen. I’m just noticing that the day after these “attacks” I get the splinter hemorrhages on my finger nails and my fingernails are painful for the next 24 hours or so.

The only info I can really find on the cause of the splinter hemorrhages is : endocarditis, vasculitis, and systemic infections. I also have had swollen lymph nodes for a few months now on the back of my neck. Makes me wonder If I do in fact have some sort of chronic infection.