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I’ve been watching all the vidoes with ben lynch I can find and he said something else interesting about creatine:

“Approximately half of an individual’s daily requirement of creatine comes from alimentary creatine, while the remainder is replenished by the body”(Brosnan and Brosnan, 2007)

“In the liver, the second enzyme in this process, glycine N-methyltransferase(GAMT), recruits SAMe to methylate guanidinoacetate to form creatine and SAH. Creatine synthesis is estimated to consume between 40% to 70% of available methyl groups provided by SAMe, a considerable demand upon amino acid metabolism.

I quickly labeled a methylation picture as well so that I can visualize whats going on a bit more, figured I might as well post it here.

Red = homozygous mutated +/+
Yellow = +/-

I started NT factor yesterday, no difference yet, but It’s supposed to take awhile to heal all those cell membranes.
Started Humaworm this morning too.

I think once I start the methylfolate I need to remember to use some folinic acid as well since I have MTR MTRR +/+ and I might have trouble back converting the methylfolate to folinic. But I’ll make sure I do all of that reallll slow.

Is there any way to know if I have enough B12 to not methyl trap?

But on the other side of the problem, lynch was talking about how he recommends giving the methylfolate and b12 together now cause of some new research. He talks about how without the methylfolate the cobalamin stays in a phase 1 which is highly reactive and can bind to vitamins, when you have Methylfolate it can change to its phase 3 form and be used properly by the body without any reactive damage.

If you want a much better explanation he talks about it briefly here(just watch for about 2-3 minutes from where it will start he covers it quickly)

I’ve also found some very interesting and important info about NAD (which we were talking about earlier since I have low quinolinic acid which is the precursor to NAD like you said)

Lynch talks about how he thinks IV NAD is super important as well. He talks about how NAD is critical to recycle glutathione. Without NAD you have oxidized glutathione inside your mitchochondria and it cannot get out. Even if your gluta lab levels are normal it could be oxidized glutathione which is going to tear apart your mitochondria. So basically Glutathione Reductase Enzyme is not going to work without NAD.
Oxyidized Glutathione will also inhibit complex 1 of the mitochondria- complex 1 helps produce NAD, so its a pretty viscous cycle. Apparently forming NAD is pretty crappy and takes a really long time, so its good to bypass that pathway.

While I was looking for more info on NAD I found this website:
They basically just treat people with slow IV NAD over a period of a couple weeks or so. They claim to be able to treat CFS with it as well. The thing I found interesting is that a couple of the youtube testimonial videos talk about how they used fluoroquinolone and developed CFS and other symptoms. Fluoro is known to destroy mitochondria, so it makes sense that NAD would help out.
I’m not gonna rush out and buy anything but I think it’s worth looking at supplementing NAD more.

I’m also gonna look into nattokinase/systemic enzymes as well, you talked earlier about excess fibrin in the blood/Hyperoagulation. Lynch talks about using baby aspirin/natto to remove excess fibrin and thin the blood, he says its a big problem for people with MTHFR C677T.
If you’re on the systemic enzymes too long though it can start to digest your body(I think?) So idk about that, the benefits might outweigh the negatives.

I just posted a ton of stuff but I wanted to jot it all down before I forget so I can look back on this stuff further down the road.