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I’m doing it all at once, I do it sublingually afternoon or night. I just pop the hydroxy and adb in together. I move the ADB around, It starts under my tongue than about halfway through I move it to my lip(cause I’m not sure if absorption is better there so i figure might as well try it)

I take about 100 mcg of selenium a day or so, should it be higher? I think I remember reading it becomes toxic at high doses?

Okay I will try to match the amounts of methylfolate and tmg. Do you think it’s best to hold off on supplementing with the folapro(methylfolate) until I get my adb and hydroxy to where I want them?

Alright I will see what more I can find about a SIBO/SIFO protocol, I’ve been doing so much I’m surprised anything could have survived so far. I have laid off the antifungals lately since I’ve been feeling a bit better, but I think I’m going to try to ramp up the dose really high and see If i get die off- that way I can measure how much candida/other stuff is left.