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I wrote up a whole message and tried to post it but it got erased somehow so I’ll try to remember what I wrote.

I was looking at more info on NAD, and found this supplement:

Basically I can boost my NAD by taking that I’m guessing.

I also found something called Liposomal ATP

The studies are pretty weird and unrelated but they show that the lipo ATP at least works.

I was thinking that methylation issues can prevent key factors of the krebs cycle from being produced. Also was thinking that the immune system would require quite a bit of the little amount of energy someone with a chronic infection has. So maybe a boost by lipo ATP would help out?

I just came across a topic on pheonix forums that said this:

The Missing Connection, NAD synthesis:Tryptophan to quinolinate pathway
Tryptophan to quinolinate pathway is linked to the NAD deficiency. NADH recycling is a contributing factor in the CFS/ME progression. Viruses can affect the NAD Synthesis in the Kynurenine pathway. This is the reason why it’s import to supplement to bypass the weak NAD synthesis. The MAO gene defect is very common in the CFS/ME community and contributes in the metabolites of the NAD deficiency.
We know quinolinic and interferon gamma are elevated and need to be reduced. The key factor is the NAD+ deficiency, as well as the NADH recycling, anaerobic metabolism (ADP to ATP) imbalance. Supplementing with Free form Tryptophan, Nicotinamide, NAD+ or NADH with R- lipoic acid can compensate for the NAD+ deficiency. Riboflavin is needed for the monoamine oxidase enzyme, which functions in this metabolism.

NAD synthesis , Tryptophan to quinolinate pathway
Kynurenine Pathway Metabolites in Humans: Disease and Healthy States
The Fate of Pyruvate Catabolic Pathways_The Fate of Pyruvate and NADH.html

What you just posted is interesting as well and makes a ton of sense. Fits pretty perfectly actually. Would I need to take that specific form(the folinic acid) or would something like folapro work? (L-5-methyl tetrahydrofolate as metafolin)

so much to learn haha

edit: i guess the earlier message got posted