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SueSullivan;55962 wrote: Hey, Tdog, what have you seen recommended/do you recommend in the way of adrenal support? I’m pretty certain I do need that and when I was seeing a naturopath he had me on some SP products, but it’s been a couple years now since I’ve gone to him. I saw that Eric is taking hydrocortisone (and DHEA possibly for adrenal support?)which seems stronger than I want to start out trying.

I’ll let Tdog give you his opinion as well, but just wanted to chime in.

I’ve had a great response to adrenal cortex extract. All natural and much more tame than something like hydrocortisone. Of course, if it doesn’t do the job for you then maybe something like hydrocotisone is the answer. Like you were saying though, it makes sense to start with something less hardcore and ACE seems to have a pretty good success rate when it comes to treating the adrenals.

I’ve also heard others, like jorge, mention that vitamin C can be helpful.