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Tdog333;55016 wrote: Feeling okay, my biggest troubles now are digestive problems if I eat certain stuff, and chronic fatigue. I feel like my candida has cleared up pretty well. I can eat a ton of rice and beans every day now, which I couldn’t even dream of doing a few months ago.
My diet consists of probably 2 cups of oat bran, 6-7 TB’s of coconut oil, lots of rice and lots of beans, berries, with random veggies as well. I can eat quinoa without any trouble too, so I make that sometimes. I haven’t touched any processed food in about 7-8 months now, feels pretty good haha.

Thats freaking awesome!

Are you doing anything for adrenal support?

You know, no one says “yay! rice and beans!” the way they would do a steak for dinner….UNTIL you you have experienced not being able to eat rice and beans,lol.

I celebrate every little bean that lands on plate now 😉