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I am still taking one pill of B-Right a day yep, and I added in one pill of the all in one multivitamin as well.

Do you know the method by which selenium helps to boost or restore the immune system? Is it by returning cell mediated immunity?

I read this quote earlier:

Dendritic cells roam the body, checking each particle they come across for a self or invader “label.” Upon encountering an invader, a dendritic cell will “swallow it,” cut it up, and carry the pieces to the nearest lymph node. Once there, proteins inside the dendritic cell “present” protein fragments of the virus on the cell’s surface for consideration by T cells gathered there. Once activated by high enough levels of target protein fragment, T cells become capable of destroying the virus (ref: 1).

I have had swollen lymph nodes for awhile now, and I see that 50-80% of people with CFS have swollen lymph nodes. I’m thinking that the Dendritic cells pick up something that is present in people who have CFS (virus/fungus/parasite whatever) bring it back to the lymph node, and the T cell either can’t destroy it, is not very effective at destroying it, or doesn’t see it as something that needs to be destroyed, so it plugs up the lymph and everything else moves slowly, cellular waste can’t be processed, etc…

My sleep has been pretty poor lately, I go to bed around 12 every night, fall asleep about 45 minutes later, but its a really light sleep that i come in and out of until about 3:00 AM, then at 3:00 AM I get woken up pretty significantly for about 30-45 minutes, then I fall asleep pretty well until anywhere from 8-10. (I’m very lucky to work from home with somewhat flexible hours or I would be screwed)

I tried taking the next step down from tryp(the 5-HTP) since my Dad told me he tried it and it helped his fibro a ton. I think it helped me sleep, and it gave me some crazy dreams. But the next day I felt so weird, I didn’t like the feeling so I haven’t taken it again since then.