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I am hetero for the ACE Del16 rs4343 G AG +/- mutation if that is the correct one, I’ll have to look into that one more for sure, I haven’t even started looking at the ACE yet.

I’ve looked at the first two links you posted so far and I have almost all of the symptoms of parasites that the second link talks about. There was about a month in between the time I took ABX and the time I got C.Diff. So I’m thinking that I had basically no gut flora for a month and I was eating a lot stuff that could have harbored parasites. Plus the fact that I had candida as well, it just makes me wonder what other nasty stuff grew and is still affecting me.

I do want to get a test done from one of the labs mentioned but they are more than I can afford for now, but maybe in a month or so. I’m debating whether to just try and blast whatever is in there was a bunch of different anti-parasite stuff, or try and figure out if there’s actually anything there and what species it is so I can tailor my treatment.

I spent awhile going through my OAT test last night and noticed that one of the markers showed I was deficient in L-Leucine. I know Leucine is critical in energy production and protein synthesis, so that could be causing some problems too. I have taken BCAA’s with leucine in them for the past 9-10 years(that was when I started working out hard), I have also taken creatine cycled on and off for about that long. But since I got sick I haven’t taken any of either. I ordered some BCAA’s and Creatine and I will try it out. I noticed that a few people on pheonix forums tried creatine and had awesome results.

I also ordered some of the supplements suggested by Rich, I’m gonna try taking the Yasko multivitamin, Folapro, Phosphatidyl Complex(PS-100). I didn’t get the other one he suggests because I know the folic acid form of folate I can’t tolerate. So I’m interested to see if all this stuff will help out.