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As you already discovered, you need methyl cycle support. But you have a limited capacity for methyl groups, though more than the average person with 2 hetero comt’s and . Your Yasko panel is very similar to bansaw’s, read his for some of the details, which I am going to try to expand on some more, especially acat. Though its tough to find info on that one. Its pretty much like learning all about methylation again without all the easy to access info. Ugh, I have ssooo much reading and writing to do. Anyways, a homozygous mthfr 677 mutation is serious, it’s a 70% loss of enzyme function. A homozygous mtrr 66 mutation is a big holdup too, what limited methylfolate you are making isn’t being used efficiently to methylate b12. Ideally, that is bypassed by taking mb12, but that is likely going to push you over the edge , your limited tolerance for methyl groups is better spent elsewhere. The going theory is that when enough methyl groups are “floating around” b12 will still be methylated sufficiently enough to get by. Hydroxy b12 is probably going to be your new best friend, and you would likely benefit from some adb12 too. Anabol naturals makes the best adb12, the only one that works for some people. You have a lot of snp’s workin against your b12 status. ACAT is said to challenge b12 levels. Fut2 , tcn1 (if hetero on those isn’t wild type, still lookin for that tidbit) and tcn2 affect b12 transport and absorbtion. On paper, you need a lot of b12. Im not sure what the latest is on mthfs, but it is said to slow down the folate cycle and also is believed to be tied to folinic acid intolerance.

I also think you would benefit from carnitine fumurate. It is a methyl donor, so be careful with the doseage. You might even have to add in some niacin daily to tolerate it, but it would be worth it if you needed it.

Your GAD mutations make you a lot more prone to anxiety, especially in times of inflammation. Magnesium, gaba, and possibly gastrodin (sp?) are things that will help with that if that’s a problem for you, there are others, I need to get a list going.

More to come…