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Thank you so much for taking that time! I think I will go for that report, as I find reading through what’s on the web about this challenging and confusing at times. I’ll re-read Eric’s page, now that I have these results it will be easier to sift out the relevant data. So far I’ve found Eric’s how i recovered site, heartfixer and amy yasko’s wikipedia on this. Are there other sites I should know about? (I should say I have trouble sifting through phoenix rising. I find myself getting quite anxious/depressed by many of the postings there. I’d rather focus on what can be done rather that what hasn’t worked for people.)

My symptoms have improved dramatically on the candida diet but I do have some significant remaining/renewed ones. Primarily low-level to moderate fatigue, sometimes post-exertional crashes and sometimes post-stress crashes, both of which involve feeling like generalized shit, unfocused, gut disordered, exhausted and amped at the same time. Can last for a day or a week, but as long as I live carefully, I don’t have them. I do still have some mood shifting/disordering, though I can usually manage it with ashwaganda and meditation/cognitive work and it’s much less than it was when i started candida treatment last summer. I developed a skin cancer in the fall so clearly the immune system failed there. I still have rosacea/possibly eczema. Vit D levels are low and I respond well to 3-5000 units a day, helps mood a lot.
Thanks again, Tdog, I really, really appreciate your feedback and point the way to other sites.