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You are a veritable fount. Tons of great info, which I will pursue. Thank you.
I did supplement with betaine hcl/pepsin early on in my candida treatment but I fell off it as the reflux and bloating symptoms subsided. I do need to resume that, as I’ve noticed bloating recently and occasional reflux symptoms. No burping to speak of, the reflux symptoms are more a burning around the esophogeal sphincter.
I started some hi-dose C when my doc indicated he though my leg sore might be skin cancer. I was doing 3-5 g liposomal C (made with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner) and was getting some gastric upset at the 5g level. I’ve backed it off to 3-4 and I take it 3-4 days a week, approx. I did think it made a significant difference (my carcinoma shrank 75 percent over the two months I had to wait for surgery and I have had pretty good energy levels in that time.)
I will retest D. I was clinically hypo last spring.

What form of C are you taking and is there a brand of choice for the pantothenic acid?