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Tdog333;55061 wrote: I’m taking Vitamin E, C, and Pantothenic acid for my adrenals, but not taking any adrenal cortex supplements yet. Have you found anything else that is helpful?

I got my organic acids test back and there was some stuff that’s definitely off, I sent a PM to impossible on curezone with the results, but it looks like there is some fungal/bacterial overgrowth and some other problems I’m still trying to understand, but hopefully it can bring some answers!

I have never heard of an organic acids test, is this fungal/bacterial overgrowth in the blood?

Interested to hear how the results are interpreted. Maybe pinpointing something specific will be a game changer for you.

I have some adrenal support tincture on its way to me, but in the meantime im taking “Tension Tamer” tea and “Egyptian Licorice” mix tea (both have typical adrenal herbs), and it hasnt helped in any measurable way yet but its only been a few days and I heard that it takes weeks to months to feel that adrenal-lift.

This sounds stupid, but sleeping-in one day was HUGE in feeling better.
Didnt last more than a few days though.

Im also doing B vitamins and C, but hadnt read where vitamin E supports the adrenals…so im off to research that, thank you for the tip.