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Haha I’m tryin, this stuff is so interesting to me.

What’s radio’s idea on NAD? The free form tryptophan and niacinamide supps? Higher doses of Vitamin C would act as a strong antioxidant right?

What do you mean by create and reduce glutatione? Create gluatione and reduce oxidized glutatione?

Okay I’ll look more into a natt/serra blend or something like that. I’m pretty wary of using baby aspirin cause It can cause bleeding in the intestines and they are fragile right now lol.

I’m still trying to completely understand the niacinamide thing, If I took it I’d probably have to supplement with SAMe cause it will deplete methyl groups right? Might take some experimenting to get the balance right. Do you think it’s worth trying it out? I think I have some around the house here in a time release formula from a few months ago.
Apparently the niacinamide can be taken from salvage pathways and converted to NAD, but the process is inefficient and slow from what I’ve read.

I might get some NAD pills so i can start to get things set up for more glutatione production
something like this:
I wish I knew how much doctors used for IV in relation to a supplement like that. Sucks that there are so many supplements to buy but if I can get better it will be absolutely worth it. At least this one isn’t that expensive haha.

Have you seen this one yet? It’s pretty cool:

I think the best thing for me to do right now from what I understand is to keep doing what I got going on right now.

Basically reduce viral/parasitic/infection load on the body.
Repair cell membranes, and get NAD working properly to prepare for more glutatione
Start up methylation again with methylfolate/folinic