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Thanks Tdog! Yes, I guess that does make sense, need to take them together. Yes, I am going to fax those results to the ND today. Can you provide some insight on these 2 questions?

1. Do you know anything about the other B-vitamins? Before I realized that I needed to find out which folate, b12 my body needed, and saw the posts on here about methylation, I was taking a b-complex vitamin. I found it made me feel pretty good at times, but then after time, I realized it might have been too much stimulation for me, couldn’t sleep, etc. Here is the 2 I tried for awhile.

– This was the one that over-stimulated me, and started to react with me, even just on 1 capsule.

– I was a little more calm on this one.

I am looking at the folate on these 2 now, and realize they probably don’t have the right form for me. Correct? I see regular folic acid in the ingredients, too.

2. Since I have a strong cbs mutation, and I know about the sulfur connection, and that I already made that connection earlier this year; should I make sure to take molybdenum if I try to consume something higher in sulfur? I do notice I feel better when I take 2 150 mcg of those pills at times, which I did at times, if I did something wrong, or experienced die-off from something.

3. Oh, I guess one more question? Is their a vitamin b6 connection? I think at times it made me feel better, and plus, for some reason, I think it helped me relieve some water retention at times.