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Supplements to look into:
Enzymatic Therapy Methylb12
Solgar Methylfolate(metafolin)
Jarrow Carnitall
Anabol Naturals ADB12

Tdog, I joined the phoenix rising forum to stay in contact with you, but can’t post yet today. I tried these for the 1st time yesterday morning, and think I felt okay.

Same thing as your recommendations: just cheaper thru add-ons on amazon

Now I was looking for ad12, and then I found this: It’s all in one, easier than mutiple products, and get a mixture of both b12’s. Thoughts?

Should probably just stick with what I got currently though, but I just wanted your opinion again. I don’t want to get jittery either, but yet have calm, focused, energy. I can get anxious easily!

Also, should I start slower on the b12 to monitor response?
Like cutting the logenze in 1/2 or 1/4?

I did fax my results to the nd. I’ll call to make sure as well.