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Just doing a quick reply here as I had a moment, not too much time right now.
Lots of great info you provided!!! =)

About other b-vitamins and b6, maybe that is why I was having trouble with them as well because the other b’s were in such high amounts. As far as b6, I don’t think I felt bad, bad; I think it just helped me pee a little bit better sometimes, now, if the amount went really high, then I didn’t feel good. And yes, I have heard good stuff about PQQ. I think that is why I bought that because I was interested in that, then I stopped once I got some anxiety, jitterness, and couldn’t sleep.

That multi-vitamin you linked looked like a good vitamin!

Also, that enzyme looked good, too.
Question: I saw it said pumpkin and spinach are foods that inhibit PST; I love those 2 things. Of course, sometimes I wonder why I might have a slight reaction to pumpkin, but other times it goes down fine. Maybe I just stick to eating it for the meantime in my baked goods, not just straight?

wow, just so much to understand, but it seems more and more that I am understanding things in the body, and possibly, hopefully, figuring out what my body needs through these testings.