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Jorge, my good bacteria were all within the normal ranges. I ordered the test from an online physician named Dr. Lepine who works with Metametrix.

I read so much conflicting information. Some people swear by Grapefruit seed extract for candida but others say it is an antibiotic and I’ve read scientific journals that say it is contaminated with chemicals.

I’m tempted to just go with Nystatin and SF722 instead of risk having my beneficial bacteria lowered again.

Raster, thanks for your input. Can you tell me what antifungals in combination led you to be symptom free? I am leery of black walnut and possible risks associated with its usage, but I guess everything in life does carry some risk.

Also I have been thingking about experimenting with HMF neruo probiotics. On their website they say that all probiotics should be taken with food based on studies they have conducted regarding the harsh and acidic environment of an empty stomach. Any thoughts?