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Hello lonelygirl,

I take probiotics with meals as instructed by my naturopath, and I have improved steadily. It works is all I know. I highly recommend HMF neuro; I rotate it with megaflora (2-3 months of HMF and 1 month of megaflora).

SF722 is a great long term and safe antifungal. Garlic is another one that boosts the immune system. I take black walnut extract because it is anti-parasitic; most people who have candida overgrowth have parasites as well (I being one of them). I haven’t heard of any downside to it…

I would consider not taking GSE because of the citricidal chemical found within it. Oregano oil or red clover would be good alternatives. Artichoke extract is another one I’ve tried and it is a prebiotic, antifungal, and liver cleanser all in one.

Another one to consider experimenting with down the road if you don’t notice improvement is s. boulardii. It feeds on other yeasts including candida; the only problem is boulardii could overgrow potentially because it is a yeast.

If you take nystatin, be sure to take something that protects your liver.