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I am not really fighting candida right now; I don’t think its my main problem. Actually I should probably update my blog because I am doing quite well. I recently ate some pizza, hamburgers, chinese food, etc. (a bunch of junk, but spread out to once a week or two) and am eating fruit regularly everyday and recently had some corn chips and it wasn’t a problem.

Basically I am only allergic to processed and non-organic foods now; I am still very careful about what I choose to eat and only have the highest quality foods possible.

I sometimes get the leaky gut reaction, but I don’t get it after gluten anymore but more often after dairy. My main allergic reaction now includes a cough and mucuous production and thats it really. Way way better than it used to be.

My supplement list is quite large and I spend about $400 every 2 months or so on supplements.

My naturopath thought I had parasites based on my chronic ringworm that never went away even while on the diet. Ever since I’ve fought the parasites, my ringworm has improved to going away almost completely.