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dvjorge;55898 wrote: During my years battling and learning about chronic candidiasis, I have learned one thing, people who suffers recurrent yeast infection should chelate mercury if they suspect it may be a hidden underlying immune suppressor. If you have had amalgams, a high fish diet during the years, and other possible mercury sources in contact with you, go straight to chelation and skip any test. There is too much controversy about the way to test mercury toxicity to spend money testing it.

Chronic candida and contact with mercury in any form = chelation. This is your best bet.


This is great advice and you raise an excellent point! Doing a trial chelation round to test for mercury is much more definitive than any hair test.

Hair tests can be helpful in recognizing other things besides just mercury though. For example, a hair test can help determine whether or not you have elevated copper levels–a common problem among the mercury poisoned. For reasons like this, some may still find a hair test useful.

How many rounds have you completed dvjorge?