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well good luck… Good thing is that diet is less strict, well GREAT thing 🙂

All these posts about mercury made me thinking, I always though I had overgrowth because of the diet I had past 10 years + stress together… I was eating bunch of sugars (sweets in all forms, chocolate, cookies etc), more then any other person I know :)..

now I realize I have 5 (FIVE!!) amalgam fillings in my mouth 🙁 … I should at least replace them ASAP, even if mercury is not my problem!
problem is that in this part of world its hard to find out some place to test this mercury thing…

My recovery from Candida goes very well, but little bit too slow, much slower then I would like, I am on diet for over a year now (but some strange diet, with a lots of periodical cheatings) and I am on web-site strict diet from 25.11.2012, and forums strict diet from January.
So its six months since start… I am much better though, I have only few symptoms remaining (digestive problems from time to time) but I still have die-offs when I increase antifungals dosage.. currently I am on 10 tbs of coconut oil + 1 garlic capsule per day, and I can handle it now… but three days ago I had strong die-off :)… and now I have just some die-off symptoms, so I guess its going better and better 🙂

Healing without die-off would be peace of a cake for sure 🙂