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dvjorge;56007 wrote:

If a minority within the medical community voices an opinion that goes against the opinion of the majority, you state that the minority is right.

If a minority within an Internet forum voices an opinion that goes against the opinion of the majority, you state that the minority is wrong.

Your statements about mercury and chelation don’t help those looking for help. Help and support is the only reason of this forum.
Exactly. People need help and support.

That includes new information. Especially when that new information is really new, in other words: when that new information is a true addition to the information that is already present.

Are you old enough to remember the days of alien abductions? Back then, abductions by aliens in UFO’s were all the craze. Hard to imagine for those who weren’t around yet at the time, but that’s how it was.

People who were convinced that their complaints were caused by an operation done by aliens in a UFO, were looking for help. And they found help. Even though the Internet was not as omnipresent as it is now, there already were “forums” (bulletin boards) back then. People went there for help, and they found help.

Others would support them in their views. Whole theories would be set up, about the behaviour of the aliens, about the best way to protect yourself and prevent being abducted, and about countermeasures to take if you were unlucky enough to be abducted. There were also lots of theories about why governments tried to silence any news about their alien friends. Rumors, even conspiracy theories, abounded: big corporations were involved, and they were covering up the truth in order to make more money, and to get some power from the aliens.

Occasionally, someone would enter such a “forum” and voice a dissenting view. Most of the time, those who were “helping” the victims of abductions would bully such dissenting persons off the forum. Some would ask them why they would come to an alien abduction forum if they only made statements about the aliens that didn’t help the victims, because help and support were the only reasons of the forum.

The former (bullying) is what ThomasJoel2 (and his other account, impossible) was doing.
The latter (asking “why are you not helping”) is what you are doing now.

I hope this explanation clarifies things a bit.