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Is Your Yeast Infection Caused By Mercury Fillings?


“I can still remember the year 1987, it was the year I had my mercury dental fillings replaced with composite white fillings. It was also the year I was rid of a candida yeast infection from which I suffered from for years, for good.”

Excessive mercury can have multiple and varied effects in the body to perpetuate a candida yeast infection. Mercury can stimulate or toxify the thyroid, causing adrenal gland imbalances. This in its own right will impair immunity due to a decrease in cortisol output. There is also evidence that candida albicans can convert mercury vapor to methyl mercury, a form of mercury that can be many times more toxic than its original form.”

“It is speculated that the methylated mercury has a candida building effect in the intestines, and it is not until thorough mercury cleansing has taken place in these situations that the patient is finally rid of their chronic candida yeast infection. If you have a chronic yeast infections or candida you simply must look into the mercury connection. Mercury binds to the yeast cell wall and when the yeast cell becomes saturated or has absorbed all it can, roughly its own weight, it disposes of the rest as methyl mercury. Methyl mercury now goes everywhere as it passes through the intestinal wall. The body’s macrophages (immune system) and glutathione try to clean up and detoxify this on going mess. At some point they become weakened, tired, and worn out. This weakening of the immune system hinders the bodies ability to heal. We have experienced this time and again in our practice spanning over twenty years involving many thousands of patients.”