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mark2;52195 wrote: jorge ,I believed in you ,my md say he will stop giving me more medication,i can get the medication online ,i am playing with my body to see which one works better,i was on the fluconazole for six weeks and notice a difference so i will switch back to the fluconazole ,i took ken………. for only two weeks ,my liver is perfect,U got to believed me only crandall knows about this no other doctors i can find to precribe me ,i will go back to the fluconazole ,i took books to the guy ,crandall package to him ,he refuse to read it ,i follow your post and took flu……and ibro……… and notice a difference in six week but then i switch to ita… because i read it have a better tissue penetration from your post.One uro told me its nerve,i waited it out but he was wrong,i start to notice red patches around my penis head and then ,i know its got to be an infection,Look for me you have the knowledge more than any one of these doctors in this syndrome ,u got to belevied me ,i read all your post ,I am so sorry for your suffering ,u are a life saver,believed me even if i am not cured .To help me you have to advise me ,i believe in you and its my body, i have a doctor to check my liver every 2 weeks and sonogram it too.I just cant live like this ,Where can i get the cimetidin to buy?Look I plea to you for advise.Also i am melting away with this diet ,i am getting weeker and weaker everyday,i have no intestine peoblem and not alergic to nothing .I dont believed natural stuff will cure me .Excuse my english please.I have to cure this no matter what it takes,crandall advise me to dont go crazy on the diet ,just stay away from sweets and some other stuff,but i want to have discipline .Thank you very much and god and i pray that god bless you in your recovery.thanks.


I do my best to help you, but you have to remember I don’t hold a medical license. I can not prescribe you any medication but to suggest you to speak with your Drs about what you may need.

Take them the two articles I posted to you. They are solid evidence how fungus infects the prostate and the urinary tract. Many candida strains develop rapid resistance to Fluconazole. Ibuprofen has shown to revert the acquired resistance to the azole drugs.

I have given you information and resources to speak with your Drs. You already have enough information about what may be your situation. So, you need to find a Dr who wishes to discuss all with you.