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I keep reading about Mercury from fillings effecting the body. Good thing I eat lots of cilantro and have for some time. But It still a concern. I still plan on going another 6 months before I decide to look into getting them removed. Its costly and right now its just not a good time. But Another thing that bothers me is not just the mercury but old loose fillings causing infections that my body has to continue to fight for a long time. Prior to me losing a filling and eventually the tooth last year I was pretty sick from fighing the infections. I did find that hydrogen peroxide was a very cheap wonder drug to combat this and since then I use it at least once a week to wash out my mouth. I believe the infection, my poor diet, my career ending along with my marriage really put my candida in overdrive.

I think I originally got a yeast infection from having sex as I smelled it during sex with my ex wife and then later that week I smelled it on myself. I had never smelled that before. I at the time didnt want to believe that men could get yeast infections and Also was dealing with major issues at work so I kind of blew it off until I got jock itch which I could not seem to get rid of. eventually, I got what I like to call morning sickness and I thought my stomach issues were stress, then maybe I picked up a parasite while hiking in the Olympics, then It’s my tooth which for awhile had been bothering me and was getting bad, then everything came crashing down emotionally and I was just plain sick. I eventually developed SD as well and that brought my confidence way down.

I think the tooth infection and possibly the mercury is a constant variable to my problem with candida. However after being on this diet and consuming large amounts of home made kefir and my probiotics in pill form. I have seem massive improvement. My stomach issues are gone. I cant tell you wierd it is not to feel like vomitting all the time. The only major thing bothering me at this point is my skin issues primarly SD. I think If it doesnt go away and I feel that I am having to continue to fight candida it must be my teeth. Either the mercury or a weak immune system from fighting infections. either way I would have to get them repaired. I brush my teeth everyday but I cant brush away all my old bad habits.

Thanks for the link and I apreciate you continuing to research this issue with Mercury. There is a lot of testimony out there about folks who feel that mercury will prevent any cure of a bad candida infestation. There has got to be something to it.