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Interesting. I’ve always had irregular periods. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome also and usually take Metformin (supresses glucose production by the liver). This gives me regular cycles and I also conceived my two kids on it. I’ve had one pregnancy which ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks, and that was attributed to not being on metformin at the time.
My candida symptoms were also minimal when I was taking metformin regularly!

However I have been lax at taking it since my youngest was born 4 years ago and my candida symptoms – aswell as the PCOS symptoms – have been out of control.

I wanted to do the cleanse and diet for a while before weaning back onto metformin – was planning to wait until i have finished taking antifungals. But i would like to remain on this diet when I go back on met too.

Anyway I am rambling – sorry!! What I was gettin at is – yes, my cycles have been extremely irregular. Whether is is due to candida I can’t be sure. So far during the detox and diet (onto week 5 now) I haven’t had a period. But I had 2 two weeks apart in January.

I have read some theories that PCOS develops due to candida infestation.
I’ve also read that PCOS women have higher incidences of candida infestation. Which just leaves me thinking which comes first?!