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evcon wrote: Yeah I’ve been managing pain with herbal supplements too and its been 10 years since I’ve been to an er for pain like this. I am curious as to why it is back I’ve been good for a few yeas now:(. I do have endometriosis. I jut put a call into my naturopath before I go to see the er for meds. Something is wrong though I jut need to figure out what! Tnx for your comments

Endomitriosis causes the strong menstrual pain. Not sure why treatment brought out more of it in your case. I had my endomitriosis removed four years ago to have my girls. I never had the same pain again. They did tell me it will probably come back in few years. I’ve read some articles which connect endomitriosis with candida. Perhaps this is your connection?

I am hoping that getting rid of candida will prevent endomitriosis or at least not as bad as before.

Best of luck to you!