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Hi ya Katy.

How’re things with me? The usual I guess, couldn’t be better. Been over six months since the last tiny Candida symptom, good to know I’m completely done with all that for the coming year.

Quote: I noticed in your protocol you don’t mention the Ultimate Flora brand. Is it not good to take any more in your opinion?

Reply: I think Ultimate Flora is fine as a starter probiotic; it’s just that the newer research I had discovered states that the DDS-1 type of bacteria is much stronger when it comes to fighting the Candida fungi, so I was able to find the MegaFlora which contains it.

Quote: it seems the DDS-1 strain doesn’t like me at all… It’s taken me this long to get used to taking just one pill! I probably tried too soon to take the second… I was just very aware that I was only taking 20bn live bacteria as opposed to the 100bn I was taking before.

Reply: I know that the 20 billion sounds small when compared to the U. Flora counts, but as you’ve seen, it’s much more powerful in the long run when it comes to the Candida. And of course it’s not that the DDS-1 doesn’t like you, it’s just a very strong antifungal/probiotic – and different from the previous one.

Quote: What is your current stance on brown lentils being in the diet by the way? I noticed they weren’t on your list of allowed foods.

Reply: The lentils should go under the ‘dried beans’ category which will be a test food once phase two is started.

Quote: Now I’m on a break I’ll be able to check in more regularly here :).

Reply: Hope you have a fun-filled break, Katy. Don’t know if that should include a Candida forum or not to be honest. =)