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Thanks guys!

@Danny33: Thank you very much for your advice. And I do realize we do need antibiotics for some cases, they just scare me so bad because of where I am today and where I am for some 20 years or more. I had candida when I carried my girls and I worry all the time that I passed it onto them, which is very possible. And yes, I so plan to give her different kinds of probiotic for a long time. Both girls were on a cup of home made kefir per day for long time, probably 8 months, then in December we had guests, a full house of very disorganized people and totally messed up my daily schedule which affected kefir making. Making it was pointless as by the time I got to it, it tasted awful and needed tons of bananas, honey etc so at least kids would drink it and then because it’s a full house of people much more interesting than me saying “drink your kefir” I just couldn’t get their attention. Finally after few days I gave up and saved the grains in little milk in the fridge. Well, I was supposed to change milk every 4-5 days and before I knew it two weeks passed. Those are gone forever. Luckily I had some frozen, exactly for situations like these but kept forgetting to pull them out of the freezer. Finally I did, so we will have kefir again probably tomorrow, but we are off it for close to 4 weeks. Probably this is why this cold got us. Guests brought some nasty viruses from Germany, we fought those pretty well, but in few weeks something else got us, I guess immune system got tired of fighting 🙂

@Able: Dear Sean, you are always here offering support! She is going to be 4 on April 14th and weighs around 15 kilos. I am hoping since the billion count in Mega Flora is the same as the one I am supposed to give her, perhaps I could dissolve a capsule in little milk and have her drink it. Unfortunately the bottle does not mention anything about children. Mega Flora was brought to me via plane from US and since it’s cold out it was properly kept the whole time, I know it’s still good and better than what I can get for her here! As always, I am so grateful for your advice!

@benc: Thank you for sharing what you did with your girl. I wondered about sugar intake. They don’t eat much sugar, some days nothing besides fruit. I now am rethinking juicing, those do contain tons of vitamins, but also sugar. They drink only water, herbal or berry tea (cranberry/blueberry) with lemon and honey or 100% juices I make and these juices or teas help detox and so far helped us cut colds before they get out of the hand. We had some stuffy noses, day at a time of fever and that’s it. I guess without kefir these are not helping that much. I probably should reduce these juices while on antibiotics. Also, when kefir is too sour, I mask the taste by making smoothie out of it adding it in blender with banana, berries, sometimes orange and other times lemon, no sugar when I use orange and strawberries, I put some honey when using blueberries and lemon. As I don’t have kefir, tonight I put some cereal in probiotic yoghurt, that does have sugar in it, but benefits are perhaps greater than damage as they need probiotic.

@raster: There aren’t many naturopathic doctors here yet and I am on a quest of finding one that I trust and knows what he or she is doing. I am not there yet. I don’t mind spending the money for their health, I did that many times. Normally what I have goes to them first and I use if there is anything left, which is a rare occurrence 🙂

Thanks guys once more for your support and advice!