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MDMA is a very toxic drug and I have tried it a few times when I used to go to raves back in the day. Basically it caused a lot of problems for me and I didn’t have a positive net experience from it. I believe it drained a lot of the hormones in my body causing long term depression, sleeping disorders, and other things that I may not even know about. It takes a long time to recover from taking this drug and if you expect to function normally soon afterwards, I would not plan on it.

I took it and had to study for a major big test the next day which I ended up getting a bad grade in the class…so it definitely impairs your learning ability.

I would be worried about your friend and tell her about alternatives. People can die from this drug as well and you never know the source it comes from. When you are on this drug it is very overwhelming and its almost like sensory overload. The negatives outweigh the positives with this drug and most drugs.