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Same here. I spend an average of $150-200/week, and I’m hungry all the time. Lol.

Can we compromise by switching to non-organic if part of the problem is a build-up of toxins?

I posted a topic almost two weeks ago, no replies yet.

I have an appt. with my bioenergy practitioner on Monday, if I’m not happy with “progress,” I’m going back to my GP and demand any number of tests through Genova Lab or Great Plains, because LabCorp doesn’t do a lot of them: a vitamin b12 absorption, intestinal permeability assessment, microbiology analysis, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, OAT + IgG allergy w/candida combo.

More bucks out of my pocket, but hopefully stuff can be ruled out, or at least candida overgrowth is confirmed.

Good luck. I’ll be watching.