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Vitamin E 200 IU
Biotin 1000 mcg


Milk Thistle: Bio-health
Vitamin D3: Jarrow Formulas
Ashwagandha extract: Vitamin Shoppe
Vitamin A 1000 iu: Country Life*
Cal/Mag/Zinc: Vitamin Shoppe
L Glutamine: Quest Support
Vitamin C: Vitamin Shoppe
Megaflora Optimal Potency: MegaFood
Grapefruit seed extract: Higher Nature
SF722: Thorne Research
Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion**
Miracle Fiber: Vitamin Shoppe

*This brand contains the tinyist spec of soy, but it’s benefits outweigh the small speckle of soy. I’d personally go for another brand net time like Solgar for vitamin a.

**Using this probiotic until my MegaFood product arrives, once arrives will switch

Happy to post links etc, some of these products I purchase and have shipped – properly should of said that when I ment available in US and UK.

Personally I advise UK people to avoid Holland and Barrett and use the following shops, they are really good when emailing for advise.

Vitamins UK: