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There is a possibility you have h. pylori, SIBO, and/or parasites and this could contribute to your woes. These problems need a different treatment. If you have a thyroid issue (people on west coast get way more radiation from fukishima than east coast) this can complicate things.

I would also try out HCL and this should either increase or decrease your acid problems. Another thing that helps with acid problems is other acids such as SF722 and apple cider vinegar.

A great source of vitamin D is fermented cod liver oil which contains natural ratios of vitamins A and D. You need to take vitamins A and D together to get maximum absorption, the only problem is that no one knows what the healthiest ratio is. I think natural sources contain healthy ratios.

High cholesterol levels can be attributed to liver issues just by itself. If you cleanse your liver, it should improve your cholesterol levels.

I’d consider bitters or digestive enzymes. Bitters cause the body to produce many enzymes naturally and digestive enzymes only contain a few types of enzymes.

Vitamin C is very important so I would take something like 1500mg at first.

I have a feeling if you healed your liver you would feel a lot better. This can affect so many things in the body, its not even silly. A good naturopath can do this.

If you are not eating meat, I would try to get this into your diet as well. Protein is very important on the diet and are a good source of minerals.