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yisucks;60187 wrote: Thanks kodaz! That’s really helpful. How long do you let it sit for? How mu h do u make at once? Do u have a recipe? Doing this makes me nervous…I’m afraid I’ll infect it or something!

Sure, you’re welcome. 🙂

My last batch, I let it ferment for 2 weeks. I really just stick to the basics when making my sauerkraut. I use only cabbage and salt. I normally cut it up fine with just a knife, but for the next batch I plan on trying a food processor to chop it up fine, as it’s way too much work creating a large gallon jar of it.

Once you have it chopped up, you mix in sea salt with it. Then you have to put a lot of physical pressure on the cabbage with your hands or use some type of tool to do the same. The goal is to get the “brine” in the cabbage to come out. Once you have done this you have the ingredients you need for the cabbage to ferment into healthy bacteria. It requires both the salt & brine. Some people like to mix in sea vegetables like sea weed, ginger or other spices, but I never bother. I eat it purely for the positive health benefits. So, it’s not something I overly enjoy eating.

You may want to try making cabbage juice as well. I have found it’s a lot easier to make and most recommendations for fermentation time are about 3 days. Go on youtube and you’ll find tons of videos with step by step instructions for both. good luck.