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Quote: kefir packets are plentiful. I think they contain some kind of powder that you add directly to a carton of milk. They’re not very fiscally friendly, since unlike grains you can only use them once, but would be a good temporary solution.

Reply: The starter is fine. This kefir starter by Body Ecology is a good quality and a good one to start with. Instructions are inside.
There are also instructions explaining how to make it with coconut milk if you want to do that, which is fine.

Quote: Also, is there anything in particular I should be concerned about when picking out coconut milk? Like, is this something that I can buy conventional, or should I stick with organic?

Reply: Thai is a good brand, so is Native Forest. It doesn’t have to read “organic” but if it does, you can be sure it’s of a good quality.

Quote: Finally, I thought kefir contained at least some sugar… so should I be careful how much I eat per day?

Reply: Start out with kefir slowly, a little at a time like you would any other ‘new’ food being added. But the milk sugar is ‘eaten’ during the fermentation process so only a bit of it is left by the time we enjoy drinking it.