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Lynn;44342 wrote: Quick question to anyone who may have some insight:

I have psoriasis and use Eucerin on my elbows, ears, and knees after my shower every day. I was just wondering that, while on this detox and diet, should I stay away from moisturizing my psoriasis with this? I remember reading in the Ph Miracle (I think…) that a person should really stay away from topical ointments and moisturizers while detoxing as to not to “mask” and prevent what’s existing the body. Is this true for the Candida diet as well?

ETA: Also, has anyone’s eye color been changing while on the detox/diet? I’ve read that when people change their diets, their eye color changes as well (i.e. look up Fully Raw Kristina and eye color change on YouTube). My eyes have always been a light brown, but while in the sun or when crying they’d change to a bright jade green. I looked in the mirror after my shower this morning and saw that they were turning jade again without the aid of the light.

Firstly, I’ve known folks who have taken out things they are reacting to (food wise) and been asymptomatic as far as the psoriasis is concerned (I noticed you list eggs which is a common allergen). Have you carefully removed anything from your diet that you may have a hypersensitivity towards?

I like to encourage people to watch EVERYTHING they put INSIDE their body, topicals, well, I don’t think you have to be as strict.