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Thanks for your thorough research and your observations.

Firstly an update – I concentrated on 2 things over the weekend – rest & detox. Once hubby got home Saturday I headed for the sauna and spent 2 hours relaxing, detoxing, reading, and had a long leisurely shower (not possible at home!!). Once home I went up to the attic room with a DVD, a good book, some lemon water and some ear plugs… and stayed up there from 8pm until 11am Sunday! On Sunday afternoon I had a 2 hour hot bath & relaxation time… during both the sauna & bath time I practiced meditation & visualisation (visualising a healing white light on my skin & belly). I have also set time aside for a sauna or hot bath each day this week and hubby is fully supportive of that time as being part of my treatment.

I also took a break from trawling this & other sites as I felt that my frustration at trying & failing to find a cure was absorbing all of my mental energy and therefore counterproductive. So apologies for not responding yesterday but I didn’t log on until this morning… and it was lovely to see a helpful positive message for my myself & Thomas!

And this morning my rash/ hives are sooooo much better it’s incredible! Still quite unsightly on my arms & legs but not uncomfortable at all. A very slight itch in places but when I’m busy I don’t notice it. My hands in particular are greatly improved and my face is nearly clear (although I’ve been using steroid cream & sunbed so my face has only briefly been very bad). As for the other symptoms… I haven’t had a headache or the irritability all weekend. My hand are only very slightly stiff but the skin on my knuckles is just dry and not cracked & bleeding like before. The biggest change is my mental state – I’m back on track with my positivity, I feel in control & happy and even feel the tiniest hint of a sex drive returning which is a nice novelty!!

I completely agree with your theory about the detox and it makes perfect sense. Before I started this cleanse & diet I had been drinking too much wine too regularly… I wasn’t a problem drinker as such but I had gotten into a negative cycle of drinking wine each evening to relieve stress which meant I didn’t sleep well, would wake groggy & irritable and that would add to my stresses the following day and so it would continue… As the candida took hold my cravings for alcohol increased and I began to worry that I did indeed have an “issue”. I was so relieved to read that candida itself causes alcohol cravings and I had no problem at all cutting it out once I started the diet. I didn’t even miss it.

So I’m guessing my Liver isn’t in the best shape and could do with all the help it can get. And I’ve seen all along the very close link between the detoxing & how I’ve felt. I’ve avoided most of the nasty die off symptoms like headaches and aches & pains (especially in my hands) and these only rear their ugly heads if I haven’t had a chance to sweat out the toxins for a few days.

Yes, I’ve been using Milk Thistle (tincture) every day. I also took a jar of tumeric but finished this a couple weeks ago and didn’t replace it. I will do so today. I’ll also look for what else I can find on your list. I haven’t seen Bupleurum before but then I’ve never looked for it. I’ve seen Licorice Root & Dandelion Root so will get those at the very least. From your post I see the Bupleurum is the bast but is there an order of effectiveness for the others? Or should i get as many of them as I can find and take them all?

I also have been drinking tap water for the most part but for the last few days have noticed a strange taste from it. I thought I was ok because we’re in the coutry and Irish Spring Water “should” have been flowing from our very taps! But just in case… I’ll stock up today on bottled water. It’s surprisingly expensive here so I’d been avoiding that expense so I could spend on all the supplements etc. I’ll make sure I drink litres of the stuff! I’m still drinking at least 8 large mugs of lemon hot water a day and have done since my cleanse.

I’m now looking forward to a nice Christmas and know (I have typed “hope” but then deleted it and replaced it with “know”) my skin & mental state will continue to improve even further day by day. I’ve spoken to my sister in law who’s hosting us Christmas Day and we have it all sorted between us as to what I can eat and what I’ll bring with me etc. I’m actually looking forward to a healthy christmas Day where I won’t eat & drink too much and feel groggy, hungover & bloated on Stephens Day (Boxing Day) – what a lovely thought!

Thanks again for your ongoing help. I can only imagine how much worse this would all be for myself & Thomas if we didn’t have you in our corner.

With much thanks,

Lucy x