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Hi Able,

Right… I wasn’t able to find the Bupluerum yesterday but will go to a Chinese herbalist today. I have another accupuncture/ cupping session today but only booked it because I felt pressured into it last week – I’m torn as to whether to go or to cancel. If I go i’ll be able to ask about the Chai Hu.

What I did find was (all Solgar brand):-
Dandelion Root
Milk Thistle Dandelion Complex (which also has Turmeric)
Uva Ursi & Juniper Formula (also has Buchu leaf, parsley, barberry root bark)

I know it would probably have been better to get each individual herb by itself but I kind of panicked and bought those 3! Each individual one is so expensive that I thought this would be the best way to get more of a range of them into me? Have I done the right thing?

**Rash Update** (dramatic intro music!!)
I thought it was getting worse yesterday evening but it seems to go in a 24hr cycle. Looks far fainter and drier in the morning and by night when I’m hot & tired & stressed it’s darker & itchy. I didn’t manage a bath last night (was disgusted!!) because my son was acting up and both of us parents were needed to enforce the disciplinary action!! But this morning nonthelsess its fainter still and each hive on my hands is dried to nearly a scab. My face/ neck/ upper chest is still pretty much clear – and that’s the bit that’s seen most so I’m really happuy with that. I can’t see any dramatic imrpovements on the rest of my body yet but that rash came a few days later than the face/ hands and built gradually so I presume it will fade in that order.

I mentioned I took a couple of pictures of the rash on Saturday as I was going to try to send them to you. I didn’t manage it but it was handy this morning to take a look at the pic of my arms (which were the worst) and compare them to day – real improvement. I’m delighted i could compare because sometimes it’s hard to remember?

Question – As the steroid cream worked so effectively on my face – literally 2 very light applications… should I visit the doc and get a cream for the rest of me and use that to get rid of it once & for all? Just a thought! I know I’d prefer to handle it naturally but would 1 blast be ok? I don’t even know if such a thing exists as I’ve never had it before but I presume it does?