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Able900 wrote: Greetings, my good friend.

The tea is a good idea, just be sure not to add Stevia or another sweetener that would change the taste as you want the bitter taste to remain.

Great choice of probiotics, remember that this may cause you some die-off worries, so just be prepared for that. If you need to skip the antifungals after starting the probiotic, it’s fine to do so, the probiotic will be much more beneficial and of course it’s also an antifungal.

So “very” glad to hear that you had a good day on Wednesday, hoping that it continues today.


Able I dont use any sweeteners, I actually like the bitter taste. What is very strange is that I feel great now for two days. But then again I had the same when I started with the diet. And after a week I dipped deep down into die-off and reactions. Very strange. It feels like the candida gets a chock when I introduce something new and is hiding only to attack with a vengeance when I feel good and safe. I even took yesterday 6 capsule a day of SF722 and had no reactions at all.
Very strange.