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Dear Lucylu,

Off course we will wait what Able will tell you but meanwhile I will share a short story of healing with you.

My wife was a long-time skin sufferer like you. She had atopic dermatitis.
Check out if your skin looks like this.

When I met her 28 years ago she was 22 and had all her young life used cortisone, sometimes she was in hospital for light room treatment, salt bathing etc. Her skin felt like woollen sock. The fingers where crippled and deformed because of the much cortisone. The doctors said that it is a genetic sickness and nothing can change that.

Well, I come from Germany and organic food and healing was big back then. I bought a book about natural healing of atopic dermatitis. Started a food logbook and cooked for her in 2 years special meal. I started with having one week of water fasting. We started the fast when she was at her worst. Look the photos of the red arm with the scratch marks, it was just like that. Often in the morning our bed had blood stains because of the broken skin. After 3 days in the water only fasting time the aggressive itching calmed down. We where happy because we could see that it has somehow with food to do. Then the skin started to heal.

Now, we where not doing the candida diet. And so we started with boiled potatos and smashed with boiling water. Nothing more. She was eating that and her skin turned from red to white. Then the following week we added squash. Now she had for a week squash, potatoes and boiled water. We continued like this adding things and sometimes we got the wrong stuff and the skin exploded within minutes to an hour. Turning red, itching and breaking. But the big thing for her was the knowing that we always can go back to the list we created and then her skin would heal.

Today she is totally healed. She can eat everything. She only has to be careful with dish washing.

It would be a wise idea to start a own food journal. And taking it slow and easy so you know that you are doing. Adding one thing at the time. I do the same but I too have problems. I was expecting that it was as easy as it was with my wife. But in the fasting it got worse for me. I was surprised by this but I believe it had to do with the fact that my wife didnt have Candida and my fungus was dying in the fast and I experienced die-off. Then I was eating potatoes thinking what was good for my wife will be good for me and it didn’t work either. We all here know why. I got real desperate because nothing worked for me. Thanks to Able I know a lot more now.

Anyhow a foodjournal is my best bet in your situation and to take the food and additional stuff step by step in.

your brother in suffering