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Able900 wrote: Hello, Thomas. I imagine the herb you’re talking about would work as well as the other. Curious here, does in come in liquid form or do you make tea from it?

Remind me which probiotic you purchased, please.


I am planning to do a tea from it. I bought again the swedish bitter herbs instead of using the alcohol based. I am very curious about the supplier as he is a herbalist for horses. The other herbs are in 5kg size! While the chinese doctor wanted to sell me 200 gram for over 500 SEK.

My probiotics is this one:

and then I got too my SF722 from Thorne!

Its going very well today! I feel much much better today. But I am careful not to cry out to high my happiness. I had that before and crash-landed quite hard when the enemy hits me back! As long as I know that the suckers are dying and my suffering is part of the healing I am fine. I am only real messed up when I get confused and unsure if I have Candida or if some other shit is going on.

I will always remember you Able, I am very thankful for all the help and teaching I got from you mate!