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I started getting sick in September 08, general fatique, headaches, weakness. After my doctor ordered a blood test, he found I had really low potassium, 2.8 (Normal levels run between 3.5-5.0). I started going to a Kidney Doctor the following spring, March 09, as my general MD was having little success in getting the potassium level to go up.

I was put on a potassium supplement and a potassium sparing diuretic, a combination that would kill most people, that slowly allowed my potassium level to raise. While the kidney doctor concentrated on my potassium, all my symptoms got worse; Migraines, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and feeling intoxicated constantly.

Finally, May 2011 rolled around and my potassium levels were nearly normal, but I felt worse than ever, sleeping 14 hours a day and having migraines all the time. Anytime I ate anything I wanted to nap immediately. At this point I decided to go gluten-free and started feeling much better, but never fully healthy. My cravings for sugar went through the roof, I was downing 20 packs of smarties a day.

This January I went totally sugar free and grain free, and I have been improving slowly, as I don’t feel intoxicated as much, my brain fog has decreased, but I don’t have a lot of energy either. I also started a probiotic, Pearls IC, about 4 weeks ago.