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quick wrote: Does anyone else have low potassium? Mine has been low for nearly 4 years and I was curious if anyone else was suffering from it to. Could it just be from my inability to absorb it?

There are several possible causes of a potassium deficiency. But what’s unfortunate is, according to the Analytical Research Labs in Arizona, a potassium deficiency creates a favorable alkalizing environment which can perpetuate a Candida overgrowth. I imagine your infestation has been rather difficult to control, perhaps a bit worse than normal. This probably means that you would need to be even stricter with your diet, etc, than the normal sufferer. How long have you had Candida compared to the period of time you’ve suffered from low potassium?

As far as possible causes of a potassium deficiency are concerned, some of the most common are medications, kidney problems, diabetic ketoacidosis, and gastrointestinal tract problems (diarrhea, vomiting, overuse of laxatives). Trauma can also cause the appearance of a deficiency indirectly through the shifting of cells.