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To answer your questions:

1) There are still plenty of foods on the strict forum diet that will give you energy so I wouldn’t worry about this. In fact, you may get more energy if you feed the candida less. Email able900 for the strict forum diet if you are interested.

2) You should go with fluoride free, sugar and fake sugar free toothpaste. What I’ve noticed is that my teeth are a lot stronger and healthier after quitting the fluoridated crap that contains sugar. If you supplement yourself with plenty of trace minerals and keep on brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t really notice any detriment. If you then address the bacteria imbalance in your gut then this should pay off dividends to your oral health.

3) Does your water contain fluoride? You might want to look into a spiffy filter system for your faucet; it costs like $75 and does reverse osmosis, etc. You just have to replace these tubes that purify water every few months and be on a schedule. I would go to a good water purification company and look at the reverse osmosis stuff they have. Its way better than the simple brita or pur filters.

4) We recommend yogurt on the diet; however we do not recommend yogurt high in sugar (anything that contains over 20g of sugar per serving). Greek yogurt is a low sugar yogurt and is what we recommend.

Also you mentioned ringworm in you nails! Never heard of this but this might be caused by parasites. To kill parasites, you have to do something very similar to the anti-candida diet except you have to use specific antifungals such as black walnut extract.